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Acupuncture, Moxibustion, electro acupuncture.

A 2013 study evaluated the benefits of combining electro acupuncture treatment with a conventional treatment for diabetes (rosiglitazone). The effectiveness of the combined therapy presented as an improvement in insulin resistance and a significant lowering of the secreted insulin rather than the effect of rosiglitazone alone.

A New Zealand group published a review of all of the studies to date that investigated the ability of electro acupuncture to control blood glucose. One study showed that it had a hypoglycemic effect in obese women with calorific restriction diet using electrical stimulation of 2 Hz for 30 minutes/day for 20 days. Animal models showed clear beneficial effects of electro acupuncture at ST36 leg acupoint and at the CV12 acupoint.


Patient QI found recent research that showed that in an animal model, homeopathic preparations of S. jambolanum and C. indica in mother tincture, 6c and 30c exhibited anti-diabetic effects, improving insulin action through activation of insulin signaling molecules, compared to controls. A further study showed that in 247 diabetic patients with symptoms of diabetic polyneuropathy, 15 homeopathic medicines were identified as an appropriate constitutional medicine and prescribed in 30, 200 and 1 M potency on an individualized basis. Patients were followed up regularly for 12 months and there was a significant improvement in polyneuropathy symptoms.  It is important to see a qualified homeopath if you intend to use a homeopathic treatment for type II diabetes.


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