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China have generally led the research into traditional medicine as a treatment for hypertension and there is evidence that the following can help to lower blood pressure. New studies are being carried out using improved trial techniques in order to fully confirm the positive effects of the treatments. Other countries carrying out research into their own traditional medicine methods include India, Thailand and Korea.

Acupuncture, Moxibustion

A study in Turkey compared the effect of acupuncture plus conventional medicine, with conventional medicine alone and showed that the addition of the acupuncture enhanced the drug’s effect in lowering blood pressure.
A 2012 study of 70 patients with primary hypertension treated with acupuncture showed that those treated for 5 days a week over three months all had lower blood pressures after treatment than at the start of the study.

Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM)

Generally the quality of studies carried out so far are not good enough to absolutely confirm the effects of Chinese Herbal Medicine on hypertension although results are promising. In addition there is very little clear information on side effects. However there are new trials being carried out and early results have shown a positive trend with some Chinese herbal medicines in reducing hypertension.


In a general review of published studies on cupping as a treatment for hypertension, one study encouragingly found that a one-time treatment reduced blood pressure. There is still a need for more studies.


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