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Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Electroacupuncture

The most recent study Patient QI found was published in Nov 2013. The study compared conventional treatment with a combined treatment and an acupuncture treatment for anxiety and depression. Results showed that both the combined treatment and the acupuncture treatment gave patient benefit by reducing anxiety and depression in patients with psychological distress.

Sexual dysfunction can be an unwanted side effect of the use of conventional antidepressants.  A Canadian study published in 2013 evaluated the efficacy of acupuncture on sexual dysfunction as a side effect of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Patients followed an acupuncture treatment program for 12 weeks and then self-reported on anxiety, depressive symptoms and sexual functioning. Results showed that there were improvements in anxiety and depressive symptoms as well as sexual functioning.


Patient QI found two studies on the use of homeopathic complex remedies to treat anxiety and stress related symptoms. The first study carried out in Italy assessed the changes in sleep quality and levels of anxiety after a 1 month of treatment with Datif-PC® complex.   Results showed that patients had reduced anxiety and increased numbers of hours of sleep per night as well as a reduction in the number of night-time awakenings.

The second study, carried out in Germany, evaluated the effect of a homeopathic complex remedy treatment on stress related symptoms. Patients took three tablets of

dysto-loges® pills per day for 14 days. Results showed that although there was no change in cortisol levels, the remedy improved sleep quality and reduced unstimulated norepinephrine levels compared to a control group.

Bach Flower Remedies

Rescue Remedy is probably the most widely known and widely used of all of the Bach Flower remedies and because of this it gets a considerable amount of attention from the anti-complementary alternative medicine community.  Results of trials have been controversial however a more recent double blind placebo controlled trial tested Rescue Remedy on a group of volunteers who were put in a stressful situation and they experienced reduction in levels of stress and anxiety compared to the placebo group. Patient QI also found a study carried out in 2009 in Spain which looked at the use of other Bach Flower remedies for the cure or prevention of emotional disorders in a primary care setting.  Over a 14 month period 119 patients were treated and 87.4 % reported an improvement of their symptoms.


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