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Patient QI found two studies published in the International 3IDI Contact Review that showed that two capsules per day of a Herpes Zoster specific Microimmunotherapy formula (2LZONA) speeded up skin healing in both children with chickenpox and adults with Shingles. Further studies showed that the formula also improved symptoms of post herpetic neuralgia and post viral fatigue that was associated with the Herpes Varicella-zoser virus. 


Physiological Regulating Medicine.

Patient QI found no study specific to Adult Shingles however a study carried out in 2009 evaluated the efficacy of  an antiviral complex (Citomix) in the prevention of complications in Varicella-Zoser virus in children. Results showed that there was a marked reduction in post varicella respiratory diseases  in the treatment group (9.4%) compared to  in the control group (41.5%). There is therefore the potential for the formula to have a similar positive affect on Shingles in adults. 

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