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Patient QI found no studies that investigated the use of creative therapies specifically in patients with shingles. However there is a considerable amount of information available on the use of creative therapies in pain management and these are relevant to patients suffering from post herpetic neuralgia.


Music Therapy

Many studies have been carried out to assess the effect music intervention has on managing pain.  One study looked at the results of patients´ level of pain control in a Florida hospice, both self reported and observed, as well as physical comfort and relaxation.  Data from a total of 90 sessions conducted with a total of 80 subjects were included in the study.  It concluded that there is a suggestion that single session music therapy interventions appear to be effective in pain control.  An article that looked at a number of survey studies conducted in five Asian countries also found that with music intervention relief of pain was possible.  Another study of patients with chronic pain compared results with a control group and found that music therapy enabled a significant reduction in pain, and that it also contributed to reducing anxiety.


Anthroposophic Treatment

Patient QI found a study that looked at results anthroposophic treatment had on patients with migraine.  The treatment included medications (67% of patients), eurythmy therapy (38%), art therapy (18%), and rhythmical massage therapy.  The findings suggested that anthroposophic therapies may be useful in the long-term care of patients with migraine.


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