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What is Microimmunotherapy?

Microimmunotherapy is a form of informational immune regulating medicine that targets imbalances in the immune system.  The term was first used by a French doctor, Dr O A Julian in the late 1960s and the therapy that we know as Microimmunotherapy today was developed by Belgian doctors Maurice Jenaer and Bernard Marichal.  The therapy is innovative in that it combines the traditional method of medicine preparation used in homeopathy with the new discoveries of substances in immunology and endocrinology.  Other European doctors such as Dr Laurent Hervieux and Dr Jerome Malzac have also worked using immune regulators in homeopathic doses.

The main principle of  of the therapy is that illness is usually accompanied by, or is a result of, an imbalance in the immune system.  Microimmunotherapy uses homeopathic doses of the body’s natural immune regulating molecules (cytokines such as interferon, growth factors and hormones such as prostaglandin) to rebalance the immune system.  Based on the Arndt Shultz principle, doses can be used to either stimulate, inhibit or regulate the natural actions of the substances.


Patient QI’s view:

The immune system is such an important factor in any form of illness that Microimmunotherapy should be a part of any treatment strategy.  In France, Germany, Belgium and Spain, microimmunotherapists are natural choices as coordinators as they have usually been trained as medical doctors as well as being trained as homeopaths and microimmunotherapists.

Patient QI’s top info link:

N.B. the only link with information on the therapy that is available in English is a manufacturer’s website.



Rules Regulations and Associations

The medicines used in the therapy theoretically fall under the homeopathic legislative procedure in the EU, often under the individual countries' national rules section. There is no regulation of the microimmunotherapist profession but practitioners generally train at a doctors' institute.

The umbrella organisation for the therapy is The International Institute of Immunotherapy in Infinitesimal doses (3IDI): http://www.3idi.org/



Austria: MeGeMIT -  Medizinische Gesellschaft für Mikroimmuntherapie  

Belgium & France:  3IDI  Institut international de Micro-Immunothérapie 

Germany: MeGeMIT -  Medizinische Gesellschaft für Mikroimmuntherapie  

Spain: AEMI - Associacion Espanola de Inmuno-therapia   

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