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Lysine versus Arginine in a health strategy.

Lysine and Arginine are two amino acids that are often taken as supplements for a variety of problems.  The objective of supplementation is to change the lysine / Arginine ratio.

However, elevating the level of one of the amino acids at the expense of the can have medical consequences.

High Lysine to Arginine ratio is believed to be helpful in treating herpes simplex and other herpes family viral infections such as Epstein Barr virus.

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A low Lysine to Arginine ration (i.e. a high Arginine to Lysine ratio) is believed to be beneficial for heart health, blood pressure and erectile dysfunction.

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High Lysine to Arginine ratio
(Lysine/Arginine 2-3)


High lysine foods

High lysine foods



Lysine to Arginine ratio middle range
(Lysine/Arginine 1-2)
Middle range Lysine/Arginine  1-2

Middle range Lysine/Arginine 1-2


High Arginine
(Lysine/Arginine  <1)
Foods High in Arginine

Foods High in Arginine


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