How well can you cope with stress?

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How good are your coping mechanisms for stress?

Stressful events have a way of arising in our lives when we least expect them.  There are many different ways in which people try to cope with stress - some are good coping mechanisms, others not so good.


Take the test to see how good your coping mechanisms are.

How well can you deal with stress?

1. How often do you get annoyed when driving?

2. How many colds have you had in the past year?

3. How many of the following do you do on a regular basis?

Gardening Yoga/tai chi/Qi gong Meditation/Mindfulness Walking Going to church Having a massage/pamper Reading quietly Listening to music Watching comedy programmes Painting/drawing

4. What is the last thing you usually do at night?

5. How many pets do you have?

6. How often do you exercise for more than 30 mins, twice a week?

7. How often do you meet up with family?

8. Do you share your problems with a close friend or family member?

9. How many days a week do you drink alcohol?

10. Do you smoke?

You have finished the questionnaire

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