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Patient QI found quite a few studies indicating that acupuncture in particular shows promising potential as a treatment to lower cholesterol.

Acupuncture, Moxibustion

A 2012 study looked at the hepatic genes responsible for the cholesterol-lowering effect of Electroacupuncture. Results showed that electroacupuncture at a particular acupuncture point (ST40) induced two genes that are responsible for reactions that contribute to changes in cholesterol levels, and in this way lowers cholesterol.  A 2010 study investigated the effect of moxibustion treatment time, length of treatment and treatment intervals on high cholesterol levels. Results gave an optimum treatment program of mild moxibustion, 10 min on each point, once every other day and lasting 6 weeks.

Chinese Herbal Medicines

In 2011 a Chinese group reviewed all of the studies published on use of Chinese Herbal Medicines to lower cholesterol.  A total of 2130 people were included in 22 trials and five herbal medicines were studied. Xuezhikang was the most commonly used Chinese herb and gave the best results of lowering cholesterol. The team conclude that some herbal medicines do lower cholesterol but they also question the objectivity of some studies.


In classical homeopathy high cholesterol would be just one symptom of a much larger picture of health which takes into account many other factors.  Only a qualified homeopath can look at that picture and decide which remedy is right for a particular patient as there are many different remedies that could be given for high cholesterol.


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