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High Cholesterol - Immune System Treatments

Research carried out at the University of Edinburgh has shown that there is a  direct link between the workings of the immune system and cholesterol levels. When the body succumbs to a viral infection, immune cells release interferon, which sends signals to infected cells and causes cholesterol levels to be lowered. Cholesterol is needed for viruses and certain bacteria to grow; therefore, limiting the body's production of cholesterol would decrease the opportunity for viruses to thrive.  The theory follows that boosting the immune system via interferon production could also help lower cholesterol levels.


The only immune system treatment that Patient QI found that was a specific treatment for high cholesterol was a microimmunotherapy complex that used nucleic acids to target the genes involved in cholesterol metabolism, called Homeovitality Cholestecare (HoV-C27/KLO/CQ4). There are quite a few papers on the theory of action of the complex but Patient QI found no studies or trials on the efficacity of  the treatment.

Physiological Regulating Medicine

Patient QI found a  preliminary double blind study published in 2007 in La Medicina Biologica  that compared  a polyglucosamine treatment with a polyglucosamine plus phytosterol treatment in patients with metabolic syndrome. Results showed that both treatments reduced key parameters of metabolic syndrome ( abdominal circumference, triglycerides, blood glucose, blood pressure, ) but that the Polyglucosamine phytosterol combination was significantly more effective in raising the good HDL Cholesterol.

The High Cholesterol - Immune System Treatments page will be updated regularly as new evidence is published in medical journals.


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