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Peppermint for Nausea

The medicinal use of  peppermint dates back thousands of years. The plant has a good track record for treating irritable bowel syndrome, catarrh and indigestion. When used topically, it can help with myalgia and neuralgia. A small preliminary study published in the Journal of Perianaesthia Nursinghas investigated the use of peppermint aromatherapy along with controlled breathing for relieving symptoms of vomiting and nausea after an operation. The patients who volunteered to have the treatment were given either controlled breathing therapy or controlled breathing therapy with mint aromatherapy or no therapy. Best results were controlled breathing with aromatherapy which was slightly better than controlled breathing alone.  The study only involved  a small number of patients and indications are that a larger trial should be carried out to confirm the results.

Peppermint for Nausea. Sites et al. Controlled breathing with or without peppermint aromatherapy for postoperative nausea and /or vomiting symptom relief: a randomized controlled tial. J Perianesth Nurs. Feb 2014.  



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