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What is Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is the medical term for inflammation of the prostate.  Many people think this means an infection of the prostate but this would be wrong, as only a small percentage of  cases are due to a bacterial infection.  People also tend to think that the problem mainly occurs on elderly men but in fact it is the number one reason for young and middle aged men visiting a urologist.

Symptoms of Prostatitis

Some lucky people have few symptoms whereas others can be unlucky and suffer from extreme pain, chills and fever as well as a constant urge to urinate.  The  problem is often compounded by difficulty in being able to urinate and burning pain when urinating. Acute prostatitis is usually due to a bacterial infection, whereas chronic (long term) prostatitis can be both bacterial and non bacterial.

Non bacterial Prostatitis

Non - bacterial chronic prostatitis with pelvic pain accounts for 90% of the diagnoses of prostatitis. Approximately 15% of adult males will suffer from the condition at some point in their life and as the symptoms can occur  for months or even years, it can seriously affect a man's quality of life.  In non- bacterial chronic prostatitis there is no obvious infection that is the cause of the problem and conventional treatment revolves around trying to control the pain and urinary problems.

Osteopathy to treat Prostsatitis pain

Manual therapies would not automatically spring to mind as a treatment option for prostatitis however research shows that osteopathic manipulation can help. A German group has carried out a follow up survey five years after the initial randomized controlled study of osteopathic treatment for prostatitis with chronic pelvic pain. The men who had been enrolled in the study were aged between 29 and 70 years and they were asked to complete the international prostate symptom score, the National Institutes of Health chronic prostatitis symptom index and the quality of life questionnaires as they had previously at the start of the study and after 18 months. Results showed that symptoms of prostatitis, urinary tract symptoms and quality of life had all further improved after 5 years. Some patients commented that they now only felt the need to use the osteopathic treatment occasionally as a preventative treatment.

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