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Depression and laughter yoga
Laughter Yoga

Not enough can be written about the healing power of laughter.  Who doesn't feel better after a good laugh? Yoga has a justifiable reputation as a way of using breathing to calm and focus the energies of the mind and body. But laughter and yoga together does not seem a natural match. However, Laughter Yoga is just that, it is a combination of laughter exercises with Yoga breathing techniques (pranayama).  The aim is to increase the amount of oxygen in the body whilst being playful and this results in a person feeling more healthy, energised and alive.  Most students today are under a considerable amount of stress and medical students present a particularly pressurized group. A recent study investigated the effect of Laughter Yoga on general health among nursing students.  Students were given one hour sessions of Laughter Yoga twice a week for four weeks and the results were compared to a group who did no therapy. Results  showed that the laughter yoga group had better general health, less physical and sleep disorders, reduced anxiety and depression and better social interactions than the control group. So Laughter Yoga is great for beating stress and anxiety. Let' all go find our inner laughing buddha.  

Yazdani et al. The Effect of laughter Yoga on general health among nursing students. Iran J Nurs Midwifery Res Jan 2014.




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