Children with Cancer
For children, the fight against cancer poses many problems that are different to the problems faced by adults. Carers and nursing staff are often very open minded and willing to look to complementary alternative therapies as a way of supporting conventional treatments and improving the health and well being of children with cancer.  They find the treatments practical and are keen to integrate them into the hospital services.   A recent paper has been published that reviewed the impact of  complementary alternative treatments on the well being and quality of life of pediatric oncology patients. The study group looked at the use of chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, art therapy, and music therapy.   Results of the review showed that hypnotherapy shows the most evidence for being effective, especially during painful procedures and that art therapy and music therapy are also beneficial.
Poder et al. How effective are spiritual care and body manipulation therapies in pediatric oncology.  Glob J Health Sci Dec 2013.  


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