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Why do post-menopausal women still get oestrogen positive cancer?

70% of all breast cancers are oestrogen positive, meaning that oestrogen encourages their growth. After the menopause a woman has very little oestrogen so theoretically she should be protected from oestrogen positive breast cancer. However this is not the case.

New research points to cholesterol

New research suggests that cholesterol is the missing link between obesity and breast cancer.   It appears that in overweight women with high cholesterol, the cholesterol is often metabolised to a substance called 27-hydroxycholesterol. This substance  can act like oestrogen in the body.   The research group confirmed their theory by growing breast cancer cells in the lab and treating the cells with 27-hydroxycholesterol.  Sure enough the treated cells grew more quickly than the non treated cells. The good news is that any substance that can block the 27 hydroxycholesterol could be a good target for a new breast cancer treatment.

It is also  another good reason to loose weight and keep cholesterol levels under control.

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