Aged Garlic & Alzheimers

We read a lot about the benefits of garlic. It is hailed for its ability to keep colds and vampires away, as well as  for its anticancer properties and ability to lower blood pressure. A new study published in the BMC Complementary Alternative Medicine Journal, is adding its ability to help Alzheimer's patients to the growing list of benefits. One of the key indicators of Alzheimers is the accumulation of  amyloid beta protein plaques in the brain. The study shows that the phenols in aged garlic reduce reactive oxygen species and protect against the neurotoxic amyloid beta proteins that cause the amnesia. In their summing up of the study, the research group say that aged garlic extracts that have such strong antioxidant activity can reduce the cognitive impairment that is caused by the neuronal damage of the amyloid beta proteins. In fact aged garlic offers a wide range of activities that could benefit all neurodegenerative disorders. For the moment Alzheimers is the most studied.

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Jeong JH et al. Ameliorating effects of aged garlic extracts against Abeta induced neurotoxicity and cognitive impairment. BMC Complement Altern Med Oct 2013.


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