What affects a woman’s choice of partner?

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A woman´s choice of partner

Ladies, have a think about what it is about the guy sitting opposite you that attracts you.  Research has shown that  women differ a lot in the amount of masculinity they like to see in a partner's face. Due to some genetic hangovers from our early hunter gatherer days,  women are subconsciously always making a trade off when choosing a partner. The more macho the partner is, the higher the chances of having healthy offspring but  at the expense of said partner showing little interest and no investment in the offspring. So the geeky guy's appeal lies in him investing time and effort in the children  but at the expense of less healthy children.  However, it appears that the 'state of the nation' can  move the goalposts. Yes, global recession and poor health can actually influence a woman's choice of partner.  Research has shown that a woman's preference for macho features in a man goes up, as the health  of a nation decreases. In hard times with greater risks of illness and poverty, macho man wins hands down and the poor old geeky guys just have to sit it out and wait for a global recovery.



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