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 Gout Lifestyle changes

Gout has long been associated with diet, particularly overindulgence in meat, seafood and alcohol. Lifestyle changes therefore centre on changes to dietary habits. However, it is also important to maintain a healthy weight and to keep well hydrated when exercising.


It is a well known fact that diet plays a significant role in the risk of gout.  An article in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases reviews the dietary factors associated with gout.  It lists the intake of red meat, beverages containing fructose and alcohol increases the risk of gout.  Vitamin C is also mentioned for its effects of increasing levels of uric acid.

Another article suggests the prominence of high fructose corn syrup sweetener in the modern American diet, and the possibly related rise in obesity, being associated with the rise in incidence of gout in recent years.  It is, however, noted that the exact reasons for the rise in gout are yet unproven.

A study that looked at the effects of a Mediterranean diet on uric acid levels found that of the 2380 men and women assessed, those that stuck to a Mediterranean diet had lower levels of uric acid.

The following links provide good info on diet and special purine low recipes:



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The Gout Lifestyle changes page is updated as new evidence becomes available.

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