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 Gout - Herbal Remedies

Grape seed

Patient QI found a recent study that evaluated the effects of procyanidins from grape seeds on serum uric acid levels in an animal research model. The results showed that procyanidins from grape seeds can lower urate activity and that there is a potential use in the treatment of hyperuricaemia and gout.

Pistachio Tree (Pistacia integerrima)

A study back in May 2008 found that components from pistachio leaves had a lowering effect on uric acid levels and antioxidant powers.  The findings were encouraging and called for further investigation of the effects of the pistachio tree on gout.

Sarsaparilla (Smilax )

Smilax china L., popularly known as "Jin Gang Ten", has been widely used as a traditional herbal medicine for the treatment of gout, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases for a long time in China.  Patient QI found a Chinese study carried out in 2011 that took five components of the Sarsaparilla and observed the effects on uric acid levels and renal dysfunction.  The findings showed that these components exhibited preventative activity for gout and kidney dysfunction.

Four marvels Traditional Chinese formula 'Simiao'

A new study carried out in the lab explored the effects of a liquid form of  Simiao on the secretion of inflammatory cytokines IL-1 beta and TNF alpha in cells that had been treated with the monosodium urate crystals that cause gout inflammation.  Results showed that the monosodium urate crystals caused increases in the IL - 1 beta and TNF alpha but that the Simiao liquid could decrease the IL1-beta secretion. The study concludes that Simiao decoction is a promising treatment for gouty inflammation.

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