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Gout Creative Therapies
Patient QI found no studies that related creative therapies specifically to gout, however there is information available on the positive effects of creative therapies for arthritis in general.

A Portuguese article looked at 12 experimental studies that focused on patients with arthritis who were being treated for pain by specialist nursing care using music therapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, therapeutic touch and guided imagery.  It concluded that specific educational programs for people with arthritis were effective in controlling pain and functional disability.

A trial carried out back in 2003 looked at the effect of music therapy on osteoarthritis pain in elders.  Studies had previously shown that music can improve motivation, elevate mood, and increase feelings of control in older people.  Over 14 days patients listened to music for 20 minutes daily, and a control group sat quietly for 20 minutes daily.  Patients were asked to fill out pain rating questionnaires on days 1, 7 and 14 and the results showed patients who listened to music reported less pain than those in the control group.  The study concludes that listening to music was an effective therapy for the reduction of chronic pain in the community dwelling elders of this study.

The Gout Creative therapies page will be updated as new evidence is published in the medical journals.

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