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Flu - Mind Body Therapies

Tai Chi

A trial by a team at Illinois University on 50 older adults in 2004 found that a simple exercise regimen which combined T’ai Chi and Qigong greatly increased the antibody response to the influenza vaccine.

Pre-vaccine blood samples were taken followed by post vaccine samples at 3, 6 and 20 weeks. The samples were analysed for antibody response to the vaccine and the T’ai Chi group had much higher antibody responses to the Control group.

A recurrent problem with the effectiveness of the flu vaccine can be that in older adults antibodies do not reach protective levels. Larger trials are needed to see if this type of behavioural intervention improves vaccine efficiency.


Patent QI found two studies linking reflexology with influenza, one protective the other curative.

In a 1987 Russian trial patients given reflex therapy treatments showed increased serum interferon activity in the acute phase of the illness followed by a more rapid improvement. There was also a more intense rise of influenza antibodies compared with the control group. Patients using reflex therapy also had a faster disappearance of influenza antigen than the control group.

In a 1994 Chinese study, two groups of children aged 3 to 6 were studied for 40 days. Sixty children were given ultraviolet irradiation on certain points on the soles of their feet. The children were controlled for age, diet, living and heating conditions. The researchers reported that ultraviolet irradiation of the soles was effective in protecting children from common colds and influenza.


The Flu - Mind Body Therapies will be updated regularly as new published trials and evidence become available.


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