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Additive Homeopathy for Cancer

Location:         Austria

Sponsor:            Study being carried out by the Medical University of Vienna.

Recruiting:        Currently recruiting patients aged 18+ who have been diagnosed with advanced malignant tumours.

Study type:        The study consists of adding homeopathic treatment to the patient's conventional medical treatment for cancer.

                             The study is placebo controlled randomized, which means that patients will receive the additional treatment but will not know if it is a                              homeopathic remedy or placebo.

Objectives:        Researchers will be looking at the effects of the homeopathic treatment on quality of life and survival.

Contacts:           Recruitment and further information:

                            Prof. Dr Michael Frass   + 43 1 40400  Ext 4506

                            Cornelia Sax MSc  + 43 1 40400  Ext 4421

Clinical trials Reference NCT01509612

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