Case Study

50 Year Old woman with Leukopenia

Author Affiliation:Patient QI
Keywords:Immune dysfunction, Stress, Leukopenia, Lymphopenia, Neutropenia, Holmes & Rahe scale, Microimmunotherapy
Case Description
Fig. 1. Lymphocyte counts                 This 3 year case study was based upon the regular blood tests of a 50 yr old woman with progressive leukopenia. The patient experienced chronic, severe and repeated psychological stress. Leukopenia appeared in routine blood test in Jan 2009 and leukopenia with lymphopenia in May 2010, progressing to leukopenia, lymphopenia and neutropenia by Feb 2011. Lymphopenia was accompanied by fatigue and repeated urinary, gastric, ENT and bronchial infections. Due to a series of high level stress incidents, stress values rose from 72 in Jan 2008 to 321 (300 being the level for at risk of serious illness) in May 2010 and remaining above 300 until Jan 2012.Possible causes of leukopenia and lymphopenia such as viral infections, viral reactivation, sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, bone marrow disorders, thyroid dysfunction, SLE and some oncological processes were eliminated based on blood tests for biomarkers, thyroid hormone levels, antibody serology, bone marrow aspiration, histology, and CT scans. Stress levels were calculated according to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale. The patient’s last leucocyte counts that were within the normal reference range were taken to represent 100% (Jan 2008). Subsequent values were then calculated as a percentage of these counts. MI treatment with immune boosting formula 2LEID was commenced in Feb 2011 and showed subsequent improvement in lymphopenia but patient did not adhere to treatment due to continued stress and low morale. Stress related immune boosting formula 2LMISEN was started in June 2011 when stress levels were still above 300. This led to improvement in morale and adherence to treatment with disappearance of lymphopenia.

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