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Which therapies are right for you?
So how do you decide?

You have crossed some therapies off the list because you are having chemotherapy and radiotherapy and didn’t think it was compatible - but many therapies can be used as supportive treatments to conventional medicine.

You never thought about going to see a nutritional therapist because you get your five fruit and veg a day so you must be OK. In most cases it is but some fruit and veg could help you more than others depending on your health problem.

You almost certainly think that music therapy is not good for your ailing parent because they can’t hear very well after the stroke they had, but music therapy can help.

The most important thing to remember is to go and see a well qualified professional.

There can be serious interactions between some supplements, medical herbs and medicines.  Some therapies are not good (contra-indicated) for certain health problems - the well qualified therapist will know this and ensure that the treatment that you get is safe for you. You should never stop medication or add in natural remedies without first discussing it with your coordinating doctor or therapist.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding complementary alternative medicine over the past few years.  Some therapies have been accused of charlatanism and using pseudoscience to scam vulnerable patients.  For this reason the Patient QI directory of therapies only includes therapies that have been well researched and that have shown they are of benefit to patients.

Take a look at our explanations of the therapies.
The Patient QI team have selected the therapies to be included on the website based on the following criteria:

  • Shows patient benefit.
  • Compatible with conventional/orthodox treatments.
  • Has clear good practice guidelines
  • Has an association/ regulating authority (can be voluntary regulation)
  • Quality of training
  • Associations/institutes show some commitment to ongoing research and the publication of clinical case material
  • Explanations of the therapy are clear and do not include pseudoscience.

Importantly there is also a Patient QI top info link for each therapy which takes you to an in depth explanation of the therapy.

The PatientQI health team have carried out months of detailed searches for every therapy and chosen the link that they feel is best, based on the presentation of information, objectivity and depth of information. These top links lead to training websites, practitioners' association websites or international regulators of the therapy. They do not lead to commercial clinics, treatment centers or manufacturers of remedies, because we are not interested in ‘we can cure everything’ websites. PatientQI’s opinion is that the best way to understand a therapy is to read about the things that they are teaching to new therapists or look at the good practice rules for practitioners.

Each therapy also has a section on rules and regulations with a list of authorities and associations for the particular therapy. Some therapies are more highly regulated than others and as the rules are different for every country; these are listed by continent then country.


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