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  • acupuncture CAM for cancer

    Acupuncture as a supportive therapy in cancer treatment

    December 15, 2015 | HealthQI | | No Comments

    In the western world acupuncture is used as a complimentary therapy in a variety of medical and therapeutic settings. The practice of acupuncture can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Chinese medicine, and now research has uncovered its potential...

  • bakupari has anticancer effect on glioblastoma cells.

    Bakupari has anticancer effect on glioblastoma cells

    December 9, 2015 | HealthQI | | No Comments

    What is glioblastoma? Glioblastoma cells (GBM) are tumours which occur in the supportive tissue of the brain. They arise in the star-shaped cells called astrocytes which are glue-like in consistency and provide protection for the vital neurons of the brain....

  • Sonoran propolis

    New Information On Anti-Cancer Effects Of Propolis

    October 29, 2015 | HealthQI | | No Comments

    What is Propolis? Propolis is a natural product used by honey bees to repair their hives and strengthen their honeycombs. It’s collected by bees from tree buds such as pine needles and mixed with their own secretions. In its natural form propolis is a...

  • Additive Homeopathy for Cancer

    October 8, 2015 | Clinical Trials | | Comments Off on Additive Homeopathy for Cancer

    Additive Homeopathy for Cancer Location:         Austria Sponsor:            Study being carried out by the Medical University of Vienna. Recruiting:        Currently recruiting patients aged 18+ who have been diagnosed with...

  • can probiotics treat cancer?

    Anti-cancer probiotics update

    June 18, 2015 | HealthQI | | Comments Off on Anti-cancer probiotics update

    Probiotics for cancer, but which ones? Probiotics is a big buzz word in integrative medicine.  Using different strains of bacteria to create a healthy microbiome could well cause a revolution in treatments that is as big as that of penicillin in 1928.  The...