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Doctor approves of CAM

A few years ago, you would go to the doctor with your health problem. It didn’t matter what walk of life you were from ... lawyer, diplomat, engine driver or plumber, the doctor’s opinion was usually the only one available and it was respected and rarely questioned.

The internet has revolutionized this.

Today’s patients are smart and dedicated to finding solutions to their health problems. Now, as a patient, you can actively participate in health choices. You can research everything from health test results and treatments, to side effects and complementary therapies. You can even use programs to try and diagnose yourself.  (A word of warning here - Patient QI's view is that trying to self diagnose online can only lead to a huge amount of worry - you must get a diagnosis from a trained professional). You can find support groups and discuss health problems in forums with people on another continent, people you have never met but with whom you have one important thing in common: the same health issue. The most important thing is that you know that you can research your problem thoroughly, that you have options and choices about what you put your mind and body through.

But what do you do with all of this information?

How can you make sense of all the information and make those important decisions about what to try, what not to try, where to go and which professionals to see?

How can you use this information to create your own personalized treatment strategy?

PatientQI has been created to help patients and practitioners do just that. You can take your health scenario and look at all of the possibilities, using the different therapies that can be employed to help you get back to optimum health.

In our directory of therapies, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to the many different complementary therapies that exist from mind body to energy medicine, phototherapy and traditional Chinese medicine. This directory is there to help you decide which treatments might suit you.

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