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The number of people suffering from Gout has risen by 67% in the last fifteen years and now 1 in 40 people in Britain have Gout and 1 in 125 people in the USA suffer from it. According to a recent report only a third of patients actually get treatment for the problem - often because doctors are lacking knowledge about the disease!  There are also a large amount of patients who are embarrassed about the condition and so are reluctant to go to a doctor.

Gout can be incredibly painful and when the problem is long term, the pain can lead to depression.

The Patient QI chart gives you information on many different treatments that have been shown to help prevent and control Gout.  We have also included other information where the effects look promising but are still being investigated. 

Click on the boxes and this will take you to the detailed information for each treatment group, enabling you to decide which treatments might be good for you and it will help you to start planning your own personal strategy for relieving Gout symptoms and preventing further attacks.   

You can also download or print out the information and use it as the starting point for discussions with your physician, MD, Naturopath, or coordinating therapist.

Reduce Aggravating Medicines

Conventional Medicine Treatments

Immune System Treatments

Herbal Medicine-Phytotherapy

Food & Supplements

Creative Therapies

Mind Body Therapies

Traditional Medicine

Lifestyle Changes

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