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Flu - Reduce Aggravating Drugs/Medicine  /  Risk factors

Some conventional medicines can make a person more susceptible to catching flu and other factors can put a person at a higher risk for flu.

You must not reduce medications unless you have first agreed this with your doctor!  


Cadmium (Cd) is a toxic heavy metal. It creates oxidative stress in the body which increases the ability of the influenza virus to replicate. Individuals exposed to heavy metals, usually through employment in metal industries, production of some batteries, foods, soil and cigarette smoke have additional risk of greater severity of respiratory symptoms when they contract the flu virus.

Reduced Immunity

Patients with reduced immunity due to stress, medication and an ageing immune system are all at a higher risk for Flu. 

HIV patients who are resistant to their HAART or ART therapy are also at a higher risk of catching flu.

Immunosuppressive drugs are taken to avoid rejection of a transplant and these people are at a high risk of catching viruses. Drugs that suppress the immune system are also used for many autoimmune diseases and again, these people are at greater risk of catching viruses such as flu.  A recent study (Jan 2014) has also shown that in an animal model, an antifungal drug Amphotericin B made flu symptoms worse. Amphotericin B is given to patients who have a compromised immune system due to chemotherapy drugs or because they are having a transplant. the drug is to protect them from fungal infections that their immune system cannot fight, however it appears to interact with a protein that is important for fighting flu.

Decongestants can increase blood pressure and heart rate. If your BP is well controlled this should not be a problem but check with your doctor if you are worried.

The Flu - Reduce Aggravating Drugs/Medicine page is updated on a regular basis as new information is published in medical journals.

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