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Flu - Lifestyle Changes

Proper consideration of others if you have the flu virus, and precaution towards others who have it if you have not, are vital with an illness as contagious as influenza. The golden rules are:

1.      Avoid close contact with people who have flu. Although it’s tempting to still kiss loved ones this is a bad idea, it helps nobody if you fall sick too.

2.      If you or your child is ill, stay at home. Germs spread quickly in crowded environments like schools and offices, so do others a favour and keep away.

3.      Cough and sneeze responsibly. This means always covering your mouth and nose, preferably with a clean tissue which you immediately throw away. Cold and flu viruses are passed on through droplets of mucus that are expelled by the body and either breathed in by another person, or enter their body from an infected surface which is touched and then the germ is transmitted when they touch their own eyes, nose or mouth.

4.      Wash your hands: this doesn’t mean a quick rinse under a dripping tap but plenty of soap and scrubbing under your nails.

5.      Keep clean: when you know flu is around be scrupulous about cleaning frequently touched surfaces, avoid touching your face with your hands unless you have just scrubbed them.

6.      Adopt healthy habits: if flu is about ensure you are getting enough sleep, keep exercising regularly, drink plenty of fluids, eat fresh nutritious food and avoid stress – all things we should try to do anyway, but even more important when we need a particularly strong immune system.

Further information on how to prevent the spread of flu can be found at www.cdc.gov/flu/pdf/freeresources/updated/everyday_preventive.pdf

For information on limiting the spread of flu at schools or in community dwellings see:


The Flu - Lifestyle Changes page will be updated regularly as new Governmental guidelines are released.

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