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Flu - Immune System Treatments
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 Flu - Immune System Treatments

Our elements of our immune system are the essential Armed Forces that our body releases to fight illness. When it comes to viruses such as Flu, anything that helps our bodies reinforce the immune system are must in any treatment strategy.


Microimmunotherapy is one of the major natural immune system treatments. Several studies have been published on the use of the 2LEID formula as a general immune stimulant during seasonal winter infections. Patient QI found the most relevant to be a study published in the 3IDI online review by Dr Segyo. The study evaluated the impact of the 2LEID formula on winter infections and the humoral immunity of children. The study lasted for 2 years and participants were split into 2 groups.  Group A received the 2LEID formula and group B received a treatment of oligoelements, macrobiotics and nasal washing.  Group A showed a 60% increase in Ig A antibodies and group B a 40% increase.



A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition investigated the ability of a lactic acid bacteria (probiotic) to stimulate the immune system.  The probiotic used was a strain of  Lactococcus lactis. In the study 213 volunteers were given either a yoghurt drink containing the probiotic or a similar drink without the probiotic that acted as the placebo control. The researchers recorded how many days of cough, fever and other flu symptoms were experienced by the two groups. After ten weeks of treatment the probiotic group had suffered from a lot less flu symptoms than the placebo group.  The researchers also took immune cells from the blood of the volunteers and incubated them with an H1N1 flu virus. Results showed that the immune cells taken from the probiotic group produced more of the antiviral Interferon alpha than the cells taken from the placebo group. This unusual probiotic clearly improves the body's immune response to the Human Flu virus.

Physiological Regulating Medicine

Patient QI found two published studies on the use of a flu targeting formula for prevention and treatment of Flu. The first study was a randomized controlled clinical trial which compared Guna Flu formula to vaccine in the prevention of Flu in children. The trial consisted of three groups.  Group A were given a flu vaccine, Group B were prescribed the GUNA-Flu formula and Group C received the vaccine and the treatment. Results showed that the GUNA-Flu was as good as vaccination in reducing the severity and length of illness with less absences from school and less use of antibiotics for complications.

The second study, published more recently, compared a flu formula with paracetamol in the treatment of flu symptoms.  One group received the omeogriphi formula and the other paracetamol.  Results showed that the Omeogriphi treated group showed better resolution of fever after 24, 48 and 72 hours compared to the paracetamol group.



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