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Reduce Aggravating Factors

Before starting any additional treatments or taking supplements and herbal preparations always check with your medical practitioner that they will not react adversely with any medications you are already being prescribed.

Certain things have been found to aggravate or increase the risk of developing depression, for example:


  • A recent case study reported in a psychiatry journal suggests that there may be a link between varenicilline (a nicotine substitute used for giving up smoking) and exacerbation of recurrent depression.
  • Melatonin is sometimes used for insomnia or as a pre-med before surgery and this could aggravate depression.  A small study demonstrated that melatonin exacerbated depression in moderately to severely depressed patients.  Melatonin should also not be used alongside light therapy as it will interact with the secretion time of melatonin in the brain that is the achieved with the Light therapy.
  • Caffeine interacts with melatonin and may disrupt sleep patterns.
  • Research has shown a link between type 2 diabetes and depression and that diabetics with depression have a higher rate of adverse outcomes.
  • Eat regularly and don’t drink too much alcohol. Stability in these areas is important for a positive outcome with your treatment plan.


Remember to tell your doctor if you feel you are getting worse, particularly if you are having suicidal thoughts. Try to delay taking major decisions until you are feeling better.


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