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Herpes simplex and the Immune System.

Outbreaks of cold sores due to reactivation of the herpes simplex virus has a strong relationship with the immune system.  There is some evidence that certain types of immune cells (CD8 T cells) help the virus to remain dormant in the body (latency) and others  (CD4 T cells ) are more effective in fighting the virus.  Immune system treatments are therefore a highly relevant therapy for Herpes simplex infections.


Microimmunotherapy is a therapy that uses the body's own immune regulators in micro doses to balance and direct the immune system.  Patient QI found one study that evaluated the efficacy of 2LHERP nucleic acid formula on the intensity of herpes outbreaks and the duration of remission between outbreaks. Results showed that 82% patients benefited and in 41% of cases there was no recurrence of outbreaks after a follow up period of between 8 months  and 41/2 years.

Physiological Regulating Medicine.

Transfer factors form the basis of immune system treatments for viral infections. Two studies showed promising results that transfer factors can reduce the number of recurrent outbreaks in patients with herpes simplex. Study one showed that 62% of patients treated with a transfer factor dialysate showed improvement in the number of recurrences of herpes simplex and in the  length of time that the outbreak lasted.  An older study showed that transfer factor improved cellular immunity with a significant improvement in T cell function,  and induced interferon.  After treatment over half of the patients had no recurrences of herpes and the other half  had a reduced number of outbreaks.

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