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Did you know that your relationship with your practitioner or doctor has a large effect on the overall outcome of your treatment? And so does the amount of time that a doctor spends with his patient. Numerous studies have shown that more time spent with a patient leads to greater confidence in the physician and improved outcomes.

It sounds obvious but it is amazing how many intelligent patients spend a lot of time and energy looking for the right treatment strategy and then end up going with a practitioner that they don’t actually like and even worse, don’t trust.

It is particularly important that you choose a coordinator therapist whom you like. When building your strategy you will be meeting quite a few different therapists and it is good to choose one therapist to take on a central role and who will help you to build your strategy. Your coordinator may be your family doctor, a specialist physician, a lay practitioner or a naturopathic doctor. The most important thing is that the coordinator has some understanding of other treatments and is open minded about other therapies – because you must discuss all of the treatments with at least one central person. Your right hand must know what the left hand, foot, head and heart are doing! You need to feel that you can trust this person completely and that you can work together on solving your health issue.

If that person often refers to other therapists and accepts patients that have been referred to them then that’s even better because it means that they acknowledge that they cannot do everything themselves. The ‘I can cure everything’ practitioner is definitely one to avoid, because their ego is getting in the way of sound judgment. Personal recommendation is also important but bear in mind that different personalities do come in to play and it is not automatic that you will ‘gel’ with a practitioner just because your friend did.

Never forget that your health is in both your own hands and the hands of your coordinating practitioner.

Whilst many of us may love Hugh Laurie in the character of Dr Gregory House, any real doctor that tries to emulate him is seriously bad for your health!

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