Smart patients are amazing!

A few years ago, you would go to the doctor with your health problem. It didn’t matter what walk of life you were from ... lawyer, diplomat, engine driver or plumber, the doctor’s opinion was usually the only one available and it was respected and rarely questioned.

The internet has revolutionized this.

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Treatment Strategies

At Patient QI we have created treatment strategies for particular health problems that will help you to choose which treatments are best suited to you. Each strategy has a bibliography of documents that have been published in peer reviewed medical journals – these will help you to explain your requirements when you come to discuss your own personalized strategy with your main coordinating therapist / physician / doctor

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    You may think that you can’t do art therapy because you’ve never been able to draw but art therapy is not about being able to draw.
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    Find a doctor or therapist ...
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    Smart patients are informed and smart physicians listen to them.
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    Did you know that your relationship with your practitioner or doctor has a large effect on the overall outcome of your treatment?
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interesting initiative, your Patient QI, keep up the good work!
Prof marco valussi Visiting Professor (Pr. a p.) at Master in medicina integrativa at University of Florence, Italy